Commenting on the new track, the band noted, "Writing and recording 'Home' has been one hell of a journey for us! The song existed in about five different versions already, but we just never seemed to get it to a state where it really felt right. The song is super important to us, as it explores the idea of belonging and what it really means to feel at home with yourself, so we dove deep into songwriting once again in early 2019 and finally recorded the version of 'Home' that we had envisioned in our minds. 'Home' was recorded entirely in our home studio in a very intimate setting. In that way we were able to bring out the essence of the song whilst working with a minimalistic set up to be able to hone in on the underlying emotions of the song."

The band have also announced that they will be playing O2 Islington Academy 2 on 30th April 2020.