Its a murder mystery.

‘Who Killed Rob?’ could be an indie-twee pop track from anytime of the past couple of decades by virtually any band but this probably shows how quickly Foxes! have got the hang of this song-writing malarkey. It may not be an instant classic but its light shuffle and myriad of instruments lowing in the background helps make this a song that you need to keep coming back to.

The lead track is okay but the jauntier element of the band shines through on the extra track with ‘Bunnyrabbits (Chip n Dale)’ being particularly charming. A song about bunnies can hardly fail (okay, there’s this and Art Garfunkel’s solo epic, but think how many units that shifted) and the vocals of Kayla Bell really shine and grab the attention. The track also unveils the funkier side of the band more than the lead track and its probably this track that will please fans during the acts many support slots.

They may look as though they wouldn’t be allowed to use scissors unless under strict adult supervision but Foxes! may just have the necessary skills to be at the cutting edge of the music scene. It takes a few listens for the quality to seep through so don’t be too hasty to dismiss them and make sure you check out ‘Bunnyrabbits (Chip n Dale)’ on the B-side.