Daring To Dazzle Your Dancing Feet

Announcing their arrival in a blaze of melodic hooks that unapologetically grab you by the wrist and hurl you from pillar to post, London based Wall Street Riots are a force that are hard to ignore. Punchy riffs that stab and jerk randomly instantly inject every segment of their latest EP ‘Playground Politics’ with a relentless energy that refuses to leave quietly as drums crash, vocals yelp and gang chants yelp for your pleasure.

With a chugging riff dominating throughout, ‘Dr. King’ bulldozes its way through with the infectiousness and vitality of The Knack, slowing teasingly in places before slamming you once more to the ground as Wall Street Riots demand that every toe is tapping along with glee. But there’s more to come as ‘Lords Of Dogtown’ reveals the band’s punchy punk ethos, mixing a touch of The Jam with some indie rock beats before the brilliantly titled ‘Did You Know That Retropop Was An Aphrodisiac?’ struts in confidently, nudged out of the way only by the jagged guitars and yelps of ‘Karma Kids’. A great little taster, ‘Playground Politics’ will have you dancing and jumping about with glee.