Modernaire - Faites Vos Jeux

What started as musical exploration in the bedrooms of four students in Manchester a year ago, has reached the point of the new single ‘Faites Vos Jeux’.

Modernaire has created a heavy electro grounded song. I am not one that listens to such music usually so it is incapable of blowing my mind or even really impressing me. On my first and quite possibly up to my fifth or sixth listen I was finding it very difficult to find any pleasure in what I was hearing. However, after listening to ‘Faites Vos Jeux’ repeatedly for half an hour or so, it becomes a song that hints at some hidden talents, the chorus gradually begins to grow on you, however it still remains one that you will not feel the urge to sing along to.

These guys are getting a lot of recognition. There were personally invited by The Ting Tings to join them on their UK tour. Good things look to be in store for Modernaire.