The elephant juice has turned into a bundle of nerves.

This is the follow up single to ‘Elephant Juice’ from the singer/songwriter from North Yorkshire, Karl Culley. It has to be said that this is better with it’s more traditional structure than the previous single that started slow with minimal repetitive lyrics, and just got quicker and quicker until you thought that he was going to either explode or orgasm. Neither is something that I look for in a single.

‘Bundle Of Nerves’ has some feverous guitar picking over a quick drum beat. The lyrics eloquently say, “I’m just not as cool as a cucumber // like you are // I’m just not calm and collected // like you are…” The song has a Country/Folk feel with an electric guitar playing lower bars at some points. Recorded in Scotland there is something of a Gaelic flavour to it.

This is the title track to the 11-song album of the same name and I should imagine is slightly more of a hint at what is in store for the rest of the album. ‘Bundle Of Nerves’ is a nice simple track and Karl certainly has talent. That said and even though I am a fan of Country influenced Folk, this is not my cup of tea.