Get Excited

The Donots new six track mini album “To Hell With Love” starts with a bang; the excellent ‘Break My Stride’ thunders in with an irresistible melody and a brilliant riff, what a way to start. German Punk rockers The Donots aren’t exactly strangers to releasing records but they have so many catchy and bouncy tunes on this release it’s hard to believe it’s not their first excited outpouring.

‘Pick Up The Pieces’ has clean guitars, one of their seemingly never ending supply of anthemic sing along chorus and an underlying dark streak; ‘Headphones’ has an insistent foot stomping beat that makes you want to get up and boogie ‘til your feet bleed. It seems unfair to pick favourites, but apart from ‘Break My Stride’ which is near to perfect (think Sounds Like Violence meets Billy Talent), check out ‘Pick Up The Pieces’, the chorus is guarantee to make you thrust your fists in the air without hesitation.

“To Hell With Love” as a whole is charming, danceable, sweet, gritty, infectious, catchy and fun, it’s punk rock wearing its heart on full display. The Donots throw in plenty of chunky riffs and heady beats and they really have an ear for a great melody; the record is so hooky you’ll get caught up by it on first listen.