Fall for this track

The term ‘Americana’ is much more about the style and form of the music as opposed to a description of the origins of the band making the music. This is just as well for Vandeville Falls who seem like a perfect example of this style of music but are now firmly based in London. This decision was made to ease the travel for certain band members from Yorkshire and that’s not Yorkshire, England not Indiana or Detroit.

Now that’s out of the way, we can focus on the music which is breezy and poppy, with a world weary edge to it. A quick comparison would be with Camera Obscura in the way that the lightness of the melodies tends to dominate but Vandeville Falls appear to be more robust than the Obscura.

As a stand alone track, it is not going to be one that will have you sticking it on repeat but it is quite pleasant and could act as a good introduction for the forthcoming album. The band has paid their dues in recent years with a lot of gigs but it’s likely to get busier from here on in. This track will keep people smiling but there needs to be rise in quality if they are going to make it through to a wider audience.