Sadly Pliers is not involved.

If you don’t like music and like those bands that are so swanky and stock full of not quite fashionable people but the aspirational fashionable people, then this album would be the soundtrack to the night out. On the surface it sounds alright, covers a few bases and is so completely inoffensive that it would make anyone who is capable of holding an opinion cry their eyes out or vomit, whatever came first. And that’s the problem; it’s not a bad record, its just worthless and pointlessly bland, which of course, ensures that it will have a market of potential buyers. Of course, no one will remember the name of it after they stagger home so its likely to be a tough old time for Nickodemus.

There are a great number of guest collaborators on this record but sadly Pliers is not one of them, robbing the record buying public of hearing a Nickodemus and Pliers record, sorry for raising the possibility of that occurring. That would be a tease me, tease me, tease me situation but the guest vocalists are all probably legends in their own lunch time.

‘2 Sips and Magic’ is probably the best track on the album with its Eastern influence being extremely evident but it winds its way around without being obtrusive. Quite why the New York Gypsy Allstars were the band chosen to give this track a Mediterranean feel is another point but the instrumental manages to sound so much better than the vocal-led songs and will also make it much easier to get your order in at the bar without having to compete with a lot of vocals too.

And so it goes, lets cut to the chase, there will be people who like this album but the vast majority of them wont be reading Room13. There will be some with a broad enough taste in music to appreciate this and full praise to you if that is the case but honestly, there is so much better than this around. When you’ve got songs that would have been turned down by Shaggy for being a little bit obvious and not good enough, ‘Just Move’, you really should be questioning the validity of the record.

‘Sun People ‘ will be liked by some people, it will be disliked by some more but its going to be avoided and un-touched by the greatest number of people. All aboard the apathy bus!