John McKeown - Fade Away

‘Fade Away’ is a little slow for someone who is more content listening to rock music of sorts, but there is talent here that can be noticed no matter what genre of music you prefer.

John McKeown is a singer-songwriter with a passion for writing a good tune and getting all the elements into sync to create a wonderfully well-rounded track. ‘Fade Away’ is the debut release from this talented man, however he is no stranger to the spotlight, having previously been in a band and toured with Stereophonics. It seems however John McKeown has found a new calling as a solo musician.

‘Fade Away’ is a gentle poetic song with a gracious ambiance. What is unclear however are what instruments he is playing and who the female voice present on this single? Maybe we’ll find out when the debut album ‘Things Worth Fighting For’ is released in September.