Dark, atmospheric and raw!

Let me introduce you to Cardiff-based indie trio Recluse, made up of vocalist and guitarist Britt Roberts, bassist Tom Stephenson and drummer Alex Davies. ‘Baby Monster’ is the band’s debut EP.

Packed full of dark, intriguing tracks, the band make you sit up and take notice straightaway with great guitar riffs throughout opening track ‘Come on Over’. Second track ‘Back in the Ground Again’ is a raw, no-nonsense rock song whilst ‘Lover’ is slightly softer but still retains the band's signature rough edging. Vocalist Britt Roberts’ voice is soft yet gritty with a powerful raw quality which is particularly sexy in this track! ‘Stranger’ has a very attractive bluesy quality which makes it stand out from the other tracks. The final track, ‘Blue Room’, ends the EP on a high; an entirely instrumental track that shows the world just how talented these guys are!

Recluse cannot be placed in the same box as your average indie band, for a start, they are not as mind-numbingly boring as the majority of mass-produced indie bands doing the rounds at present; in fact, I’d go as far as to say that, given time, they could do for indie what Black Sabbath did for metal - watch this space!