Tom Vek

'I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes' is very typical of the kind of music that NME-reading indie kids with stylish haircuts currently adore. Tom Vek has certainly got his finger on the pulse of what's hot and his latest offering is a fashionable slice of electronic garage-rock, buzzing with raw energy and art-rock sensibilities.

Despite the first few bars sounding like they could easily have been lifted from a Killers' record, he definitely has his own original take on this brand of indie rock n' roll and is able to mix his laid-back drone with pacing, funky beats in a true effortlessly cool fashion.

To be honest, this song does require a couple of listens in order for it to grow on you as the chorus isn't as upbeat its' lead-up to suggests and nothing immediately stands out, but I found after playing it again a couple of times I soon had it firmly stuck in my head, where it then continued to play in a loop for the next couple of days.

Tom Vek will soon be the coolest musician to casually name-drop into conversation. Go and have a quick listen now before everyone else catches on. Definitely one to watch out for this year.