An impressive album from a truly inspirational band.

Full Blown Mosey is a melodic hard rock band from Wyoming, USA who attribute their influences to 70’s and 80’s rock giants such as Iron Maiden, Dokken and the Scorpions. Their debut album, ‘Temporal Cadence’, was recorded by guitarist and vocalist Greg Scott, vocalist and bassist Kirk Warren, guitarist Rocky Harting and drummer Dale Ortega.

The story behind this album is so heart-warming: after years of playing together at motorbike clubs, the band decided to record an album in 2004. Harting converted his basement into a studio especially for the task and work eventually began in 2005. In 2006, drummer Dale Ortega became ill and passed away, leaving an empty spot in the hearts of the Full Blown Mosey guys and their fans. Full Blown Mosey finished the album with new drummer Jaime Stransky, dedicating it to their fallen band-mate. ‘Temporal Cadence’ is the resulting album.

The band describe their music as “...more like a Zeppelin record as opposed to a record you hear these days that sticks to a single style. You may hear a little bit of blues, metal, even folk and a hint of classical influence; something for all tastes, it’d seem! The album is indeed extremely diverse, even incorporating some of the songs the band members wrote when they were in high school! From riff-packed ‘Saturday Night’ to reflective instrumentals such as the awe-inspiring bridge ‘In Reverence’ and ballads like ‘Time the Master’, the album proves that Full Blown Mosey are definitely not a one trip pony. This diversity makes ‘Temporal Cadence’ an interesting listen from start to finish.

‘Temporal Cadence’ is a powerful album with every song bursting with emotion... in a macho, biker, rocker, hard man kinda way, of course..! One minute it’ll be tugging at your heart strings (‘Nite Drive’ made me feel particularly emotional), the next it’ll have you full of attitude ready to take on the world - ‘Fast Moving Shadow’ in particular, which kicks off with a motorbike revving, screams excitement, tempting your adventurous side to come out to play.

‘Temporal Cadence’ can easily be summed up in one sentence - an impressive album from a truly inspirational band, here’s hoping they come over to the UK to play very soon!

As mentioned above, Full Blown Mosey dedicated ‘Temporal Cadence’ to drummer Dale Ortega: the band have definitely done him proud with this highly successful production.

For more information about Full Blown Mosey, please visit their websites: the offical site and their myspace page.