For those that like their pop fun

Flash Bang Band have hit the scene running with their debut EP 'Random Acts of Kindness'

The light, high pitched and echoey vocals of singer Andy lead his supporting guitars throughout the six tracks. Bassist Dan keeps the action simple with a neat supporting backbone to songs, becoming a secondary focal point behind the lyrics. No more so than on 'I Want To Better Myself' where the tidy bass becomes a clear and winding secondary melody. Drummer Rod shows he likes his cymbals on 'Change the Rules' accentuating the lyrics nicely while a burst of trumpets from keyboardist George rounds out the sound on 'Things That Go Bump', a smooth relaxing song to close the EP.

The melodies are simple and pleasant and the lyrics are quirky and fun. Flash Bang Band sound like a cupful of Blur with a spoon of The Flaming Lips and a dash of Paul McCartney for good measure, blended with ice and served on a sunny day. 'Random Acts of Kindness' is available directly from the band's myspace, and if you fancy a bit of kooky fun get your hands in it now.