Move out of the way, these guys “won’t stop for nothing”..!

Do you miss the days when the likes of Guns n’ Roses and Motley Crue ruled the world of rock; when leather jackets, long feathered hair and a sneer were staple items in any rockers wardrobe and it was almost expected that the hotel’s television would end up crashing through the window...! Fear not my friend, there’s hope in the shape of New Generation Superstars, a band that look set to save sleaze rock for future generations! Following on from their hugely successful debut album ‘Crash Course’, New Generation Superstars are back kicking ass in a bigger, harder way with their new album, ‘Raising the Stakes’, which was released on 18th August 2009.

As a diehard classic rock fan, ‘Raising the Stakes’ had me excited before I even put the CD into the player - the design of the CD was that of an old record, giving me a hint of what was to come. When the opening track kicked off with the sound of a motorbike being revved, it confirmed what I was already hoping - I was in for a treat!

Cleverly mixing classic rock with a modern punk twist, New Generation Superstars have produced an album that is exciting and ferocious; the kind of music that can only be played at full volume, to totally piss off your neighbours while you air guitar around your living room! Title track ‘Raising the Stakes’ is particularly in-your-face with a cocky arrogance that is irresistible! The lyrics perfectly sum up what the band is about: “Hundred miles an hour // can you feel power”

New Generation Superstar’s sound is unlike anything in the rock world at present, waking the sleeping monster that is sleaze rock and it’s about time! If you’re as tired as me of hearing yet another robotic indie band that’s the “next big thing” or another “unique” screaming heavy metal band, then prepare to be woken up with a cold, harsh slap to the face by this band! Don’t look for a ballad here - subtlety is not the New Generation Superstars’ style, this album is raw and brash and personally, I wouldn’t want it any other way!

New Generation Superstars is vocalist and guitarist AJ, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Davey Messiah, bassist and backing vocalist Tony Carter and Christopher Reed holds the outfit together on drums. The band is currently touring the UK with Love/Hate and Ricky Warwick, date and venue information can be found on their websites, www.newgenrocks.com and www.myspace.com/newgenrocks.