Nostalgia is exactly like it used to be!

It took a while for ‘Hoping and Waiting’ by The Hush Now to come to life but once it did, it will feel as comfortable as your favourite pair of slippers. Although it sounds as though it was recorded under water or in Indieland 1980, whichever was easier to get to, it can't fail to hide a great twist of melody when it comes to the chorus. And when you have a catchy indie chorus, filled indie dancefloors are never too far behind, all of which should see the band do quite well.

Then again, how is the state of indie at the moment? Is it vibrant and are these bands coming up? Its never going to go away but its hard to see how anything like this sort of sound is going to be loved apart from the very few devoted, which maybe says a lot about being in the right time and place. Its probable that The Hush Now are out of step (out of two-step) with much of the musical mood of the nation but its a light and cheery indie popper, which is well worth a listen by anyone who has ever worn an anorak indoors or waved a tambourine with intent.

Seriously though, the orchestral warbling at the end really isn’t called for but the trumpet section is always to be encouraged. In fact, lets make a personal plea; more trumpets, more mariachi, more brass, just keep all that crazy nonsense coming. But less operatic warbling. Right off you go and get writing and the recording.