Queens of the Stone Age reclaim their rock crown

"Little Sister" is a grower, it doesn't have the instant insane kicks that lots of Queens of the Stone Age songs do, but there's something quirky and perverse in the distorted guitar and cowbell percussion that seems to work. This is a song that bites, claws and grooves its way to the top of your playlist. Even if you try your hardest to ignore it, it'll find its way up there; thankfully, this seems to be its only flaw.

Josh Homme's distinctive vocals roar and growl their way through the deliciously dubious lyrics, "Hey little sister can I come inside there/I want to show you all my love" It's all underpinned by a rock solid and sexy riff that could wake the dead- pretty much perfect for those air guitar moments. This is a single with masses of charisma that bodes very well for the band's new album "Lullabies To Paralyze"

The return of Queens of the Stone Age looks to be pretty wild, eminently funky and very very naughty.