Top Of The Class

With the vocal harmonies of Biffy Clyro and the intricate guitar work and infectious hooks of Muse, Glaswegian four piece Anavris are a force to be reckoned with. Taking the staples of a rock outfit and sprinkling in fist full of dynamic melodies to churn things up with the weighty sound they unleash, Anavris have managed to give your dancing feet a work out in time with the inevitable head banging that is bound to ensue from each muscle packed beat.

Working on the basis that four vocals are better than one, ‘Eleven Eyes Of A Simple Man’ is a colossal rush of melodic highs alongside mammoth beats, intriguing riffs and of course sky reaching vocals. From the spine tingling vocals of opener ‘Somedays You Just Can’t Get Rid Of A Bomb’ complete with an array of catchy hooks, beats and riffs to ensnare all, its clear that Anvaris aren’t going to take no prisoners. As if to reinforce such a notion ‘She Dances’ rushes in like an over excited kid at Christmas, bounding with energy and infectiousness to guarantee everyone within a 20 mile radius is dancing like an idiot before ‘Eyes Wired Shut’ fearlessly struts and stomps with a contagious air of self confidence and intrigue.

For those not left in a heap of exhaustion by this point, Anavris cheekily nod towards a moment of reprieve as ‘X+ Why?’ tranquilly unravels itself, a husk of quietly spoken lyrics alongside hushed instrumentals that, of course, resound into an avalanche of mind boggling fret work, cascading drum beats and vocals that don’t beg but rather demand you sing along loud enough to at least insure the neighbours three doors down coming knocking at your door. Utterly brilliant, Anavris deserve to be top of every music lovers ‘one’s to watch list’.