This baby is raw, violent and oh-so catchy...

Queen Adreena skillfully manage to combine dirty riffs seemingly created by a chainsaw rather than a guitar with the kind of voice that simultaneously brings to mind both an angel and a demon. Their latest single, 'FM Doll' contains all the anger and passion you'd expect, but with a much more mature approach to single writing.

It would seem that Queen Adreena set out to write the next song to be overplayed on the radio... and there is nothing wrong with that. For newcomers to this vicious combination of sheer exhilaration and bloodthirsty anger, 'FM Doll' provides an effortless transition from the usual middle-of-the-road mainstream rock to the type of dark, female fronted music where My Ruin and the ghost of Jack off Jill amongst others, lurk. Fans already acquainted with Queen Adreena will also be satisfied with the progression that they show with both the single and it's quietly spoken b-side 'Kissing My Disgrace'.

Katie Jane Garside's devilishly sugar coated voice will lure all into its trap and doesn't care if the subject matter (the death of the six year old Jon-Benet Ramsey in 1996) is a little black for some. Queen Adreena simply do not care what you think of them because they're confident in the fact that you'll be singing "strip baby strip!" with the same kind of aggression within a few listens of this single.