Cinematic Instrumentals

Sheffield lads Bleaklow make a lot of noise for a trio, but it’s carefully ordered noise, the four instrumental tracks on this prog-metal EP have a big expansive sound; heavy, impressively complex bass lines are the foundation over which melodic and often melancholic riffs fly. The tracks often build from gentle, tuneful beginnings into chugging monsters, along the way there are playful sections where guitar and bass square off against each other (‘Birdsong’) or moving echoes (the short but sweet ‘The Belvedere’). The final track ‘In The World To Come’ shows the full scope of the band’s abilities and ambition in its almost ten minute length, starting with echoing, cinematic chord changes and moving into tuneful riffs with heavy chugs and ending with a lovely shimmering melody that makes you want to come back for more. This is an impressive and promising EP from a band only together for barely a year, a great addition to the Brit prog-metal scene; let’s hope we hear more from them soon. For fans of Latitudes.