Rachel Sage - Too Many Women

Having just completed a six-date UK tour, Rachel Sage is releasing a new single ‘Too Many Women’, taken from the ‘Fame’ Motion Picture Soundtrack. This is a song many people are probably going to already be familiar with. For those of you that are not familiar with the song, here is the low down.

For the most part ‘Too Many Women’ is a placid piece of music. At times it may heat up a tad, but consistently remains quite mild. It tends to use keys as the main source of melody and builds on this gently with subtle guitars. Sage’s vocals are just as calm and delicate as the music. There is practically no pitch movement, which causes very little motion within the song.

Unless this restrained and delicate style of music usually plays a dominant role on your music player, do not expect anything more upbeat; the album will be best if this is your style.