Naughty Boys - Destiny Calls

Like your rock music classic and melodic? Want it filled with passion that makes you grab your hairbrush and sing along, loud? Wish you were living in the era of the power ballad?

Then this is the album for you.

Swedish rockers Naughty Boys bring you all that, and more.
Their new album, 'Destiny Calls' is a solid as a rock release that mixes the best of the hair metal of the 80s with the technology and sounds of today.

They are, quite simply, melodic hard rock, at it's best.

This is an album that ticks all the boxes.
There are the ballads such as 'Eternity' which is overflowing with heartfelt lyrics and soaring melodies. There are the stonkingly powerful riffs which are shown off at their best when teamed with the flowing lyrics of 'Time'.

'Head Held High' bursts into life showcasing driving guitars which propel the song forwards to the choppy, arm punching, lyrics. While 'Endless Pain' is a show stopper, ending with a high pitched, passion filled, scream, which re-ignites very clear memories of the 80s and bands such as Poison, Ratt and Motley Crue.

Naughty Boys are bringing back the fun filled, over the top songs that, let's admit it, we all loved. 'Destiny Calls' is an album full of classic hooks and catchy chorus's and filled with the depth of sound we'd expect today.