Caught Our Hearts

Manchester music is synonymous with many things: blokey swagger; miserablism; gladioli…. and in recent years many young upstarts have tried to re-create the anthemic powerhouse that was early Oasis or have tried to imitate the beguiling sound of Joy Division, but - of course - to no avail.

Run Toto Run however provide the very antidote to the often grim Mancunian sound and provide a much needed chink light in a very grey north-western musical sky.

‘Catch My Breath’ is a beautiful, well crafted little electronic ditty bursting with the lightness and joy that is so missing from a great deal of Manchester’s recent musical offerings. Despite being a little melancholy lyrically, it is carried along by a musical accompaniment that could warm the coldest of hearts.

Not overly littered with the plinks, pops and glitches that can make electronica so cluttered, the track gently ebbs along effortlessly. Subtly underpinned by singer Rachel Kitchenside’s voice, which is reminiscent of St. Etienne’s Sarah Cracknell with her delicate almost breathy refrains; it all combines to make the sweetest and delicious of audio treats.

‘Catch My Breath’ is a glorious gem of a track. Thoughtful and delicate, it wraps the listener in a warm blanket of loveliness. What more could you want on a cold winter’s night?