Comedy Indie Rock

Music and comedy often go together like oil and water, with only a few notable exceptions; (see Flight of the Conchords' 'Tears of a Rapper' for an example of one of these anomalies, “The day after my birthday is not my birthday, Mom...”). However, with comedy-indie outfit I, Ludicrous' latest offering, they have proven that, despite the occasional alchemic pairing, the two worlds of music and comedy should remain, indelibly, apart.

Opening with the sort of feedback acquainted with naive support bands attempting to emulate Jane's Addiction, they then plough into the dull, thudding plod that is 'We're The Support Band', with the lead singer bellowing out nursery-rhyme style couplets, such as, “The bass player's stoned/he thinks we don't know, we're the support band”, the song's title echoing each verse until the self-parodying drone of the chorus, “we go on and on and on and on,” assaults the listener's ears.

Some of the verses raise a smile, “The only groupies we get/are from the wrong sex”, yet most of them simply wash over you in a sort of inane, sub-'Derek and Clive' patter that has a pop song's technique of being both instantly catchy and simultaneously forgettable. If you want pub rock, stick to Oasis. If you want humour, listen to Russell Brand. But don't, for God's sake, mix the two; the world just isn't ready for 'Definitely Maybe Waybe'...