Single Review

Despite being little over a year old, Nottingham quartet I Only Date Models have already managed to create a bit of a stir in their local gig scene. In addition to this, the band have recorded a session with BBC Nottingham, so things certainly seem to be looking up for them at home. Now, with the release of their debut single ‘One Day (I Will Light Up Your Sky)’, IODM are hoping to take things further afield.

With a name like I Only Date Models, potential listeners might expect a sound that is close to the likes of Motley Crue or, more recently, Steel Panther. However, the band’s MySpace page suggests otherwise, defining them as rock/visual/breakcore. Elsewhere on the page it describes their music as “epic soundscapes”. Hopefully, they can live up to the high expectations created by this elaborate definition.

The single is a melodic rock track filled with gently distorted guitars in a style reminiscent of Placebo. However, the softly sung vocals of Sammy Ault remove this resemblance and give the song a completely different feel that is closer to Biffy Clyro, if anything. Towards the end of the track the calmness moves aside and the music explodes into a pulsating crescendo.

Track 2, Tunnels’, is probably more deserving of the breakcore label. The drum’n’bass-style rhythm and the technical vocal structure produce a sound that is more akin to bands like Incubus. The remaining tracks on the CD offer a similar atmospheric indie-rock feel to the A-side.

Even without the colourful description that the band have awarded themselves, the songs here are well written, well recorded and, no doubt, will provide an enjoyable listen for anyone who doesn’t like their rock music too loud. The accessible style of IODM offers the possibility of universal appeal, so expect to hear more from them in the near future.