Radio On The TV

It is fair to say that over the past eight or so years that there has been quite the market for tightly produced indie records. Not quite content with taking over charts, festivals, adverts and such with their radio friendly hooks, this type of music has been an increasingly viable currency for the music producers of youth orientated programmes.

Need to show a tone of mournful sadness but your lead actor is less then able to convey any sense of emotion due a crippling drug habit which is single handily keeping Columbia afloat? Then why not get a song from which ever band is in vogue this week to convey that for you? It’s cheaper and ultimately less problematic than getting your actors in rehab.

So where does General Fiasco’s ‘Ever So Shy’ come in? Well, it is pure Melrose High 901210. If producers need to soundtrack one of those So-Cal, carefree ‘everything is good’ moments before some awful twist of fate sees a tragedy unfold so great in magnitude that it could skew the world of its axis, this would be the track they would choose.

Although not heading from the golden shores of California (Northern Ireland, fact fans) General Fiasco have provided a relatively radio friendly, summery anthem here. With a little dash of anthemia thrown in there for those TV producers (the band have already attracted the attention of Channel 4’s Skins) and a fair smattering of pop, ‘Ever So Shy’ is a reasonably accomplished, if not a little over-polished offering.

Perhaps not the worst thing you’ll ever hear.