Average R 'n' R

Ian De Sylva’s new single has more than a touch of 90’s indie about it and this comes as no surprise when you know that he was once in 90’s Britpop outfit Silver.

Title track ‘Josephine’ is like a cross between Baby Bird and The Jesus and Mary Chain; guitars playing simple riffs fuzz over slightly husky, moany vocals and standard beats. Track two has more of a rock ‘n’ roll feel but is strangely less heavy and rocky, seeming almost old fashioned in tone with more of a 50's R&R feel than anything; harmonica and familiar riffs emphasise this. Both tracks are just alright, this kind of thing has been done before and better, the tunes aren’t bad but not particularly engaging because there are no quirks or distinguishing features that make you think, this is an Ian De Sylva tune.

Very average.