Ignition - Take Me There

Researching this three Northern Irish lads to discover that they found inspiration through Oasis, my initial thoughts were ‘oh no’. Oasis being the terrible band that they are, Ignition are at least better than their heroes. The familiar strummed minor chord sound of ‘Wonderwall’ shows the member’s 90’s Brit-Pop influence followed by vocals similar to The Coral’s James Skelly.

The classic sound of a clean-cut acoustic guitar and sludgy electric guitar dominates this single, a little clichéd perhaps. The band has a bit of a ‘we can all play instruments a bit, might as well start a band’ kind of feel to it - and the result is a stockroom style song as if written for a music based film such as ‘School Of Rock’ just because a song is needed quick.

This is the standard indie music for cock-sure pub lads that walks hand in hand with Hard-Fi and The Fratellis, usually identifiable when one can football chant the band in question’s lyrics. It’s the Carlsberg of the music industry. It’s not stadium-filler stuff, but then again nor should Oasis be, so the day is young for this band.