An emotive 8-bit assault

Ears assaulted with a non-stop buzz of electronic, 8-bit sound, definite influences from the vocal stylings and svelte yet simple melodies of the Strokes, and the emotional starkness of the Editors seep through. Then a hectic, computerised old style fuzz; surprisingly evocative with some sort of emotional intensity. It’s the most expressive modem I’ve ever heard.
After releasing single ‘Ambulance Cafe’ last November, the MidiMidis bring you their thoroughly named follow up ‘There’s Just Far Too Much Going On Upstairs For Me To Feel Truly Comfortable With Myself.’ Its sonic chaos vividly reflects the turmoil endured by one half of the duo, Marcus, who, during a relationship breakdown, was oblivious of the fact that much of his psychological bedlam was due to bipolar disorder.

The track responds to Sarah McIntosh’s (the Good Natured) take on the situation, as told through her 2009 single ‘Your Body is a Machine,’ released through a partnership with Drowned in Sound.
B-side ‘Nothing Means Anything’ combines those vintage electronic keys with a melody imbued with an infectious innocence and honesty, before an electric guitar skid in the breakdown.

Catchy and chaotic, mechanic yet expressive, the acoustic disorder in these tracks really communicates the story that inspires them. And with 8-bit classic computer sound being in vogue on the music scene at the moment, the MidiMidis might just have something going on.