Rock out and get political

I forgot about this stuff. Very, very loud. Squealing distortion, thumping power chords, drums, the scratch of picks on metal, and punky, semi-yelled-semi-spat vocals - the sound of a sweaty rock club. Fabulous.

More melodic than your harder rock stuff, this is energy, anger, shouty vocals but with aural definition, controlled agression and an emotive message. Those anthemic vocals are a call to responsiblity of political action not all-out revolt. "We Will Not Forget" - is a reminder of what our government did to the UK. At one point there is what can only be an explicit reference to the charming Gordon Brown: "a leader we didn't elect." It's a politically minded track but without a hint of cynicism; a clear delivery with an unclouded message, but still musically exciting and a great listen. The lyrics offer timely advice that those of voting age need to take into account in the National Elections - which maybe not-so-coincidentally happen on the same day as Fighting Fiction decided to release this single.

Fighting Fiction, a Bristolian four-piece, usually lean towards lighter, acoustic tracks, (they've supported acts like Sam Isaac and Laura Marling) but, a bit like Billy Bragg or Frank Turner (the latter of which is on the same record label), ideas are expressed with the same punk-rock minded conviction. B-side "Turning Rebellion Into Money" is a great example, with light but chunky acoustic chords, and affective melodies.

Give it a go if you like popular indie/rock/punk with a sprinkling of politics.