New Wave To New Beat

‘Bustin' Out - New Wave To New Beat Volume 2’ is one of those complication albums that includes a variety of songs by different artist, songs of which are not all that bad, the odd few are decent listens where you may find a smidgen of entertainment, however the majority are mostly disappointments.

Those tunes that were tolerably to listen to include numbers by ESG and Klein and MBO, where female vocals add much depth and a differing aspect in comparison to the other tunes, the slightly funky offering by Gary Numan and the musically focused touch of funk within ‘Pounding System’ by Dub Syndicate. Probably the only two even remotely enjoyable numbers are by Shriekband, due to its steady funky beat and darkened vocals and the funky dance beats that are incorporated within Soul Sonic Force’s ‘Planet Rock’.

Unfortunately, in the not so enjoyable category there are many more songs than you may have bargained for. There is the incessant electronica fused repetitive beats of numbers like the tedious ‘Goldfinger’ by Die Krupps, with vocals that don’t actually sing but speak the words and at six minutes long and the albums opener, things instantly did not look bright for the release. Following in this category is a song by Front 242, which incorporates space sounds, the jumbled noise of Mark Stewart, the exploratory ‘Dans le Jardns’ by Benjamin Lew and Steven Brown, paintball splatters of the penultimate track and Man Parrish with ‘Hip Hop Be Bop’ where there are very little vocals and those two or three words that make their way out, add nothing to the track. One curiosity through this one though, what is the dog barks meant to add to such a song?

From opener to closer there is nothing to be excited about, a few minutes that encourage your feet to move but that is about all. Unless a repetitive style of electronica is something you usually enjoy sinking your teeth into, this will be a firm miss or a very dull and ear drilling listen.