Outstanding debut album from the Culprit

After a jittery intro track which had me checking my speakers to ensure they hadn't broken, the Culprit get their self titled debut album going with 'Blackball', a strong track that blends catchy melodies with clear vocals and a rock solid beat.

It's easy to compare the Midland quartet with bands such as Lostprophets and Shihad. All three share the ability to write songs that will appeal to a wide market with flowing melodies and super catchy choruses. But Culprit are not a carbon copy band, they progress their own style as the album goes on.

'Dilute To Taste' is slightly heavier with muted, screamed lyrics that just slam you with passion. 'What Is Love' takes all the 80s passion and adds a depth of today's sound. 'Curveball' displays their control of layering contrasting melodies to produce an interesting and appealing sound.

'Reboot' gives us snappy verses, 'Kill or Cure' is filled with sound laden soaring melodies that beg to be played in a large arena, 'All In The Eyes' is a classic mix of sing along upbeat verses countered by smooth wailed choruses. Finally things slow down with 'Birthmark' providing a peaceful break with its contrasting vocal harmonies

The Culprit are a finely tuned machine producing songs that are engrossing and entertaining. If you ignore the strange intro track 'Welcome To...' then this is an album that has been exceptionally well constructed. Each song is capable of standing alone and has been placed in the perfect order to make this a highly appealing album for those that like alternative hard rock.

If you enjoy bands like Lostprophets, Shihad, Taxiride and Starseed then get your hands on the Culprit now.