Colourful and carefree homemade tracks

I can't sing. You can't sing...so let's all sing together! Debut album 'If I'd Had An Atlas' opens with a chorus of singers who aren't singers. And a vocalist who definitely wouldn't fit in any choir! But these are people coming together in one sound, a vocalist throwing himself into every syllable in a semi-shouty, semi-folky fervour. Homemade musical textures combine those unprocessed vocal qualities with classical instrumentation and some amped up guitar which all holds together (just) in an eccentric, rough and ready live sound. It's not slickly produced indie-pop refinement that makes these tracks special - rather the lack of it.

This album is rendered with a playful childishness; cheeky, homemade tracks, imbued with knowing innocence and emotional authenticity. They cross genres of indie, rock, folk and lo-fi creating a dynamic, only just coherent, yet ardently expressive sound that feels as if it may fall apart at any moment. These guys play and create with all the zeal of an infant with a crayon and a wall: and deliver the same colourful, carefree, messy and endearing effect in music.

'If I'd Had Antlers' is the perfect example of sounds thrown about so they only just hold together, though in an attractively emotive form; 'A Boy Called Haunts' spins you about in a dramatically painted merry-go-round of violin, guitar and accordion, upping the tempo and volume on a chorus of mixed up shouty-vocals and folk instrumentation. 'Big Blue' dips and falls in crashing waves, swinging from light acoustic ballad to rocked-up indie-folk with fast paced percussion and vocals. 'If I'd Had an Atlas' uses that combination of rock and folk to create a dramatic, vigorously expressive sound, then the track drops out into a quiet, still, violin driven outro, drawing the tracks on this vibrant and animated album together.

Cats And Cats And Cats keep it simple - drawing the listener into their charmingly engaging world of uncomplicated, untouched exuberance and excitement - one to watch for fans of artists like the Tim and Sam Band, Sam Isaac and the like.