Call Me

The charts need a band like The Pipettes; a band so joyously cheery that sirens greet their single, Call Me. While the line-up has seen two of the leading ladies replaced, this still sounds as gleeful as before. But this slice of catchy power pop comes courtesy of jovial basslines, cheeky guitar strains and synths that sound like the heart beat of a particularly excited bunny rabbit. Even the offhand dialled ringtone is beat-matched to pop perfection.

With a chorus as infectiously sweet as a bag of Haribo, this all sounds oddly 70’s disco chic; as if proving how out of date those polka dot dresses really were. The only drawback being that the single sounds so dated, seriously, who actually calls potential other halves these days? Myspace messaging, certainly, poking on Facebook, of course, and you can always stalk on Twitter. However you hear Call Me, it’s a surefire summer hit.