'New blues' hero hits the mark again with this 2pac cover

An album titled 'The Crave' should sum up everything there is to know about Stephen Dale Petit and his music: the 'new blues' hero has undeniable passion for good guitars, good blues rock, and even better living. Leading the charge from said album is the summery blast of 'California', which owes great debt to 2pac and Dr Dre's 'Summer Love' and Joe Cocker, yet snaps it right up to date with swooping guitar solos and down an' dirty blues vocals.

The intense, blazing gospel rock is an exercise in piling on the guitar work without drowning the soul of the music. Short and sweet, it's stripped to the bare essentials and built from the ground up. The perfect soundtrack to driving with the top down along an American highway in the summer heat. But if you can't manage that, blast it from an iPod on the London Underground and it would take you there, it's that powerful. A must have for everyone.