Enchanting, sinister, magical and medieval

A bizarre, magical, theatrical, gypsy folk sound from an ancient age, but with catchy, jazzy beats that rush us right back into the Noughties. Music based on classical and lo-fi instrumentation, with female folk vocals. They evoke sounds made by some sort of angelic waifs robed in cotton and ivy, but with a foreboding intent. These are tunes that ebb and flow with an impish playfulness, songs of love and alchemy, tracks that, with a brisk thump of a drum, are transformed from wraith-like ballads to increasingly fast paced melodic jigs.

The astoundingly atmospheric intro to ‘Devil of Mine’ envelops you in a stormy void: empty crackling, struck strings and bells, hollow bass and trembling vocals all stir to mind images of a dark void in a stormy forest. Then a sudden dip into a modern, melodic, jazz feel creates an engaging mix of centuries. Exquisite lyrics "the sound of a thousand souls slipping under", all add to a track that vividly tells, in music, a dark and dramatic tale.

‘Cannibal Song’ is the sound of a melodic gypsy jig or a witch’s dance, with fast paced verses and slower interludes including bassoon solo. Its lyrics describe a sinister love affair: "O my lover no longer can you love another" and "I should have to boil your wicked heart".

‘Bloodshed in the Woodshed’ could be mistaken for an Iron Maiden styled, Viking metal track, minus the power chords and long haired lead man; melodic, fast paced violin and near rock styled drumming creates a vibrant scene, and dips in pace and tempo create all the moods of an epic legend: "O I’m headed for the gallows!"

Lead vocalists Hannah Miller (cello) and Ruth Skipper (bassoon) are joined by violin (Georgina Leach), un-amped classical guitar (Ollie Austin) and energetic percussion (Rob Arcari). The Moulettes make great use of dips and falls in tempo and volume, as well as variations in voice and layered instrumentation to add theatrical emotion to their tracks. The lack of any electrical enhancement draws you closer to the primeval heart of their sound - ethereal magic folds around you. The Moulettes craftily lure listeners into sinister and bewitching fairytales. You’ve never heard anything like this before, and that’s a good enough reason to have a give them a go!