The sound of summer escapism

Founding member of indie sensation the Guillemots, Fyfe Dangerfield strikes out in a solo project, bringing some of that charming indie-pop positivity to the fore. 'Faster than the Setting Sun' is the fourth single from solo album "Fly Yellow Moon".

It's full of a refreshing optimism, soaring on wings of classic string, epic folk drumming, riding on a buzz of electro excitement, with those weighty melodic folk vocals. Think Keane with a smattering of Mumford and Sons getting away from it all on a sunny holiday in Spain.

A solid track that's a summer celebration; it's such am irresistibly feel good sound that you don't notice it bordering on cheese and you can turn it up without upsetting your Mum. Not the most original nor exploratory of tracks, but Fyfe Dangerfield is on top form, making music with a little more soul, and a lot more heart than many of his commercial counterparts.