ROCK....or maybe not...

Loftdaddy are at their best when throwing themselves into a moment. When emotive, bassy vocals from Niroshan Sirisena are at their most husky, when guitars are rattling, when bass is pounding, when melodies hark back to classic rock heroes and every note from the heart is flung into a thumping rocked out, metal edged abyss.

Unfortunately we hardly get a glimpse of anything like this. Though 'Endless' has a bit more bite, giving us a teasing peek at some of the live, rocked out energy this set up could exude - on the most part, Loft Daddy trundles along, rolling on dull, repetitive melodies and bass lines. These guys do not play to their strengths, and when they do, they seem afraid to let go and run with the music.

'Dreams' is a track that seems entirely out of character for this ex-Goldsmith Uni, alternative-rock set up. Ethereal, insubstantial, experimental, with a steady trundling beat marked by solid bass and breathy hi-hat, it pins down atmosphere and weighty emotion in the first ten seconds, but goes nowhere after that. Expressive yes, but this is a track with limited entertainment value and the listener's sympathy with the protagonist is short lived. The ska-like bounce of 'Words' and the classic rock rumble of 'A History of the Future Sample' give us all the elements: expressive vocals, bass, electric guitar and drums - but this is rock without the spice.

Though, as in all the tracks on 'Words,' there is the occasional moment a break down, a rattle of guitar, a rumble of drums - it's a spark of hope that seems to promise more: but it's not enough. 'Endless' is the only light at the end of the tunnel, with promising drum and feedback breakdown (though listeners may be distracted by a half hearted attempt at some sort of vocal enhancement) and there's a never-fail guitar solo on the same track which disappointingly is the highlight of the EP. Too little too late is a phrase that comes to mind.

'Words' has its moments, and may appeal to fans of melodic classic rock, but Loftdaddy really need to play more to their strengths, stop faffing about, and get down to some good old fashioned rocking out.