Traditional folk with a modern electro twist

Recorded live at Sunset Sound studios, produced by Beck Hansen, and broadcast live on L.A. based radio station KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic" radio show, "Live At Sunset Sound" showcases French singer/songwriter Charlotte Gainsbourg's entrancing, sophisticated, feminine vocals, and some neat, simple yet effective songwriting. It's available exclusively online, and features expertly executed live session versions of tracks from album 'IRM' released in January this year.

This is folk with a dark, atmospheric edge, mixing up traditional melodies with homemade sticks-on-wood percussion, lo-fi acoustic riffs with electronic fuzz. This really stands out in 'Greenwich Meantime' where buzzing electro guitar/organ mixes up with a catchy, vintage folk melody.

'Heaven Can Wait' shows that less is more, building a basic, bewitching acoustic riff into a full melody, to accompany Gainsbourg's mesmerising vocals. The track fills out on the melodic chorus with drum beats and simple backing vocals. Bonus track (Track 5) again sets Gainsbourg's vocals centre stage with a light and airy acoustic riff - a haunting fairytale melody, imbued with magic and mystery.

'Voyage' is different - an electro buzz dominates, with those light vocals weighted and filtered through distorted fuzz. A beat defined by electric guitar, cow bell, sticks on blocks and other percussive, melodic instrumentation mixes up the old with the new.

These are tracks played by people, for people, and despite the modern electronic twist, Gainsbourg stays true in her music to its tribal folk roots.