Talk to Angels - Enemies Closer

Ok, I have to admit after listening to this cd, I now count Talk to Angels as a new favourite band of mine! Fed up of the same generic bands often flowing through the music scene, I was delighted that Talk to Angels are unique and so refreshingly original!

Their latest single 'Enemies closer' is a genre-mixing tune which really will explode through your senses, with a synth-led simple riff with rock guitars strumming over and simple yet effective lyrics. Telling the story of a close relationship, the lyrics are far from complex yet insanely catchy and you will find yourself humming the tune at random occurrences! 'Enemies closer' is not only full of hooks and harmonies but it all comes together because the verses are of different tempos to the chorus and the music changes drastically, dropping down the beat and upping the tempo for the chorus. It instantly became a song I am dying to hear live; definitely a beat to jump up and down to!

The B side of the single is a track entitled 'She' and differs greatly from 'Enemies Closer'; it is a much slower track, almost ballad-like telling the sad story of a girl who is close to the edge. It illustrates not only the vocal and lyrical talent this band have, yet also that they are not just about making catchy pop tunes; Talk to Angels are clearly a talented bunch of guys.
Having known each other for most of their lives too, Talk to Angels are a band who are untouched by the music business and just present a raw love for making music. Talk to Angels are a band we will be hearing a lot more of in the future; 'Enemies Closer' is definitely worth a listen, it is afterall one of the best new songs I have heard in a while.