Off kilter melodies

Another solid collection of heavy alt-rock tracks from Hold Your Horse Is, starting with 'You Show Up' which immediately gets you up and moving with chunky riffs and a catchy melody. It is jagged and quite heavy; really good stuff, a little reminiscent of yourcodenameis:milo at times. 'Mackerel Jason' is fuzzy and hectic but slows down for a breather every now and again. 'Non-Stop Physical Training Track' starts with a discordant guitar but this turns into chugging and rich riffage backed by a great tune and towards the four minute mark it gets heavy and crashes over you in lovely waves. The end of that track runs into 'Starts and Ends' which is darker; the emotive screams and brooding stop/start rhythm keep on your toes. 'Casual' begins softly, but of course H.Y.H.I. can't hold back, so it has a real rock out moment near the end. 'Welcome To Obscurity' closes out the record on a really melodic note; slightly off kilter and with some funky bass lines, a track to rock out to and a great way to finish.