laid 8 review

Laid 8 is the self entitled EP from Israeli band Laid 8 and sees them step out from their own country in an attempt to make waves overseas. The EP kicks off with 'Necessary Evil' with an intro which has a flavour of their own country merged into a crunching piece of metal that is reminiscent of the likes of Lacuna Coil. One compliment for this song is that gives the feeling you have heard it somewhere before so they have a sound pinned down that could be recognisable as they potentially start to get bigger.

'Point of no return' swaps track one's blast of metal for more of a heavy ballad feel as lead singer Tal Itay displays some impressive vocals. Also some good guitar work from axeman Dave G, the last name you'd normally see in a band from Israel.

'Answers' is the song that is being released as a single off Laid 8's EP and is has the strong chorus to help leave a calling card for the band.

The EP ends with 'Living Flame' which is slightly mellower than the other three tracks if that is even the correct word to use. The pace picks up as the crunching guitars kick in bringing an EP of some potential to an end.

Laid 8 have played sell out shows around their native Israel and its no wonder with this EP showing off their talent which with more exposure can be realised to the full