Elysian Born Magisterium

Worcestershire youngsters Elysian Born certainly don't believe in hiding their light under a bushel; the accompanying bio to the band's debut release 'Magisterium' is littered with expectation-raising adjectives such as 'breathtaking', 'gargantuan' & 'all-encompassing', and also manages to name-drop such metal legends as Metallica and Pantera, Lamb Of God and Children of Bodom. After setting the bar so high, Elysian Born predictably fall short, but there is no shame in them aiming for such unattainable (for now) heights and, taken on its own merits, this is a striking debut from a relatively new band who could (and should) go far.

This ep offers four snarling, pitbull-like tracks that are full of unrestrained muscular pugnacity. If Magisterium isn't quite as clever and varied musically as it would like to be this minor flaw is certainly made up for with 23 minutes of roaring, face-stomping brutality. A Gargantuan debut indeed