A box of sweet sonic electro treats

A pic-n-mix of eccentric dance-worthy electro-pop - Timo Peach is a producer who loves to play. Momo:Tempo's debut EP 'Sweetseeker' is stuffed to the brim with a bewildering range of exuberant effects and beats. A mess of sound in magnificent disarray that never takes itself too seriously, whilst remaining slick, svelte and stylish.

"Sweetseeker" is a bubbling, laser electro mix up, with an incredibly camp, sexy, pop vibe. Theatrically camp vocals deliver eccentric, sexually nuanced lyrics with a semi-deadpan smirk. Tubular effects and brass synths, funky melodies and stuttering dance rhythms abound, this is an electro show tune complete with a closing celebratory brass fanfare.

Next to the stage is "The Golden Age of Exploration (Preview Mini Mix)" - a fully fledged 13 minute extravaganza of sound, punctuated by rapidly changing, vastly varied beats. This is a rhapsody of ever-changing atmospheres and moods - like turning the dials on a radio - though the track still manages to remain fluent and cohesive. Timo knows how to keep the energy up, his flippant vocals inject a theatrical excitement - so it's hard to get bored of this quirky cabaret.

In the sonic melting pot are blasts of brass, bangra and hardcore techno beats; quirky combinations of video game 2-bit melody and classical string; those camp vocals with female backing and TV/radio ad vocal effects; an irreverent deadpan rap and breakdowns into melodramatic, classical piano and violin.

Momo:Tempo's sound is playful, irreverent, sexy, bizarre and experimental, and this EP is a real celebration of sound.