The voice...

This is probably a really well made, emotive, evocative, creative album of tracks with love and heart and passion poured into them. These girls - twins Ellie and Loise Macnamara hail from Ireland and sing their hearts out with some agressively played melodic, acoustic guitar.

Sometimes they split off into parts (Margie) and this is interesting, and the album artwork and sentiment are wonderful, but I simply can't listen to it.

The vocals are absolutely terrible - a sheet of girlish piercing noise that scratches and scrapes at your ear drums. Maybe it's the passion they lay into the singing, with all the weight of a freight train, but is that a mock american inflection I hear?

My apologies ladies, but I simply can't get past the vocals. If you can however, you might enjoy some pleasant and expressive, teenaged poppy tunes sung by two girls with acoustic guitar. So please do give it a listen.