Some particularly special solid melodic folk-pop

Poignant and radio worthy, Ellen & The Escapades will no doubt be a favourite with Radio DJs everywhere. But there's something a bit special about the tracks displayed on this five-piece folk set-up's debut EP.

Musically - Ellen and the Escapades stick to the tried and tested rules of songwriting. Tales of love and heartbreak, superimposed onto folky guitar led instrumentation, carried on galloping hi-hat and a light bass beat. Trills and twangs reminiscent of tasteful, traditional country folk; then there are solid, radio worthy sing-a-long melodies that catch in your head.

Ellen's sound could never be called 'unique,' but there is something these tracks have that an ordinary one lacks: charm, style, heart. Lyrically and sonically, with 22 year old Ellen Smith's evocative vocals, songs like 'This Ace I've Burned' are an open, honest, frank and moving expression of a heart stripped bear.

Introspective, warm and affecting, there's no wonder Michael Eavis described them as the 'very clear winner' of Glastonbury's Emerging Talent competition. Ellen & the Escapades aren't something new, but they are something special.