Double A-Side of retro indie goodness

After a four year hiatus welcome back The Bazaars with this double A-side single "L'Attention"/"Visions".

"L'Attention" has a good-time swinging sixties vibe mixed in with a laid back Beach Boys style. It's indie rock but less annoyingly earnest than some bands of the genre. Almost psychedelic without being totally trippy it also is undeniably tinged by the Arctic Monkeys broken down style though much much less intense. This track is wholly and unapologetically retro and is very much radio friendly music.

"Visions" tips it's hat to the harder rock style of the 60s and 70s, think a pinch of Led Zeppelin with a bit of Pink Floyd thrown in. A darker, more sultry and seductive track than its predecessor it makes for a great flip side to the more light-hearted almost poppier styling that went before it.

There is great scope for where this band can go from here and their retro leanings manage to somehow remain current which should bode well for getting all kinds of music lovers hooked in to their sound.