Definitely a

"Too Hot To Handle" is the new album of old material from Indianapolis-based sleaze rock band Wanted. First exploding onto the music scene back in 1989, the influences of bands such as Motley Crue and Skid Row are evident throughout the album.

Full of energy and definitely a "man's man" album, the theme doesn't really move beyond fast cars, fast women and alcohol. As much as I love sleaze rock, with Motley Crue and Guns n' Roses being two of my all-time favourite bands, Wanted haven't really succeeded in creating anything new; this feels very much like a regurgitation of the music produced by bigger, better bands and unfortunately Wanted aren't even in the same league.

The lowest point for me was enduring the live tracks that made up the second half of the CD; granted they were recorded back in the 80's, but the recording quality was so bad that it literally made my ears hurt! I felt as if I needed to yawn to make my ears pop, but no matter how much I tried, the sound failed to improve. Whilst what I could make of the music sounded very good and is a credit to the band members' musical capabilities, the terrible recording quality absolutely ruined it for me.

Now that's the negative stuff out of the way, it has to be said that Sisk's vocal capability is top class and the twin guitar attack really was impressive.

Wanted are vocalist Bobby Sisk, guitarists Eric 'Cruise' Saylors and Tad Wilson, bassist Erikk D Lee and drummer Scott Cole.

"Too Hot To Handle" will be available to buy from February 2011.