Therapy? Monumental alt rock goes live

November 5th sees the release of monumental alt/metal set-up Therapy?'s first live album featuring tracks from across the band's epic 20 year career.

It was during the Grunge Movement of the Nineties, along with the Kerrang powered rise of alt-rock, that Therapy? reached worldwide heights. Having toured with bands like 'Babes in Toyland' and 'Hole,' Therapy?'s 1993 EP 'Shortsharpshock' with rock staple classic 'Screamager' hit the top 10; then 1994's immense commercial success - album 'Troublegum' with it's darkly humourous lyrics, melodic pop hooks mixed with weighty alt-metal instrumentation. Top of the Pops appearences, worldwide tours, major festival tours (Reading, Donnington) and a Mercury Music Prize nomination ensued.

But even though their faces are no longer smattered so liberally across the press, Therapy? are no flash in that pan - they've won a huge cult following worldwide and continue to tour and create. Therapy? says 'an integral part of the Therapy? history and success has been our live show.' Prior to 'the Kerrang Years', and after their 1983 formation in the outer reaches of Northern Ireland, Therapy? drew mass attention from music lovers with their live energy, edgy guitar and drum driven sound and tongue in cheek attitude (debut single 'Meat Abstract' was released on their own, suitably named label 'Multif*ckingnational Records').

They've drawn creative influences from across the board in their careers, and it's great to see these guys give the people a taste of the raw sound and sweat that made them great. 'We're Here To the End', recorded March 2010 at London Water Rats Theatre takes 36 tracks including 'Screamager'. 'Knives' and earlier works such as 'Meat Abstract'.

'Our only regret is that it won't be coming out in a scratch and sniff sleeve for that full authentic gig atmosphere' say Therapy? - but 36 flawlessly executed, rough and ready tracks are - bar tickets to see the guys live - all every fan needs.