Amazing Debut Album

If you are going to do a complete album without any vocals, you are leaving yourself wide open for people to hear just how good you really are on your instrument of choice. Talons have done just that and in doing so have not just showed the world they are pretty damn good musicians but have created one, if not the, album of the year.

Scarily, "Hollow Realm" is the six piece's debut album. How on earth can a band produce something as awesome as this at their first attempt? Although officially 8 tracks are listed on the sleeve, some tracks merge seamlessly together to make one giant of a track for your listening pleasure. The band is made up of your usual two guitarists, bass and drums but it is the two violins which work in perfect harmony with the guitars that just make this album throw out the rule book of how to make an album and stomp all over it.

The tracks do not need vocals for you to feel the emotion of the songs, 'In The Shadows Of Our Stilted Homes' is evidence of this, even when it speeds up it is full of raw emotions. My god, this track just rocks, for over six intense minutes. The whole album is pure rock, it has character, intelligence and most of all, it is pure brilliance. Even the little guitar solo on 'Iris' hits the spot.

'Great Railroads' is an interesting little tune which has a European feel to it, even a touch of Riverdance before it leads into the epic finale, 'Hollow Depth'. At ten minutes long, this beast of a track makes sure you do not end listening to "Hollow Realm" on a low. This is just one album you get hooked with from the very opening right to the last note as it fades away.

Credit must also go to former iForward Russia! Frontman, Tom Woodhead, for producing this superbly. My only complaint is that at 40 minutes long, "Hollow Realm" is way too short. How a band follows up a debut album like this I have no idea but I sure can't wait to find out.

The download version of "Hollow Realm" is available on 29 November and the physical copy will be available the following week, which will make a perfect Christmas present, subtle hint!