A debut second time over

The year was 2002 and a new band was set loose on the world by the name of The Scratch. Over the next eight years the band went through a series of developments, knocked up 11 singles and three albums.

Between 2002 and 2004 the band recoded an album in the flat on one of the band members and Farm Factory in Welwyn Garden City and it was this release, which set the band on their current path. This record was called 'D.I.Y' and 2010 has been completed with the re-mastering and re-issuing of this debut record in digital formats.

Combining punk and early British alternative rock the punksters were able to prove they were more than capable of creating a very distinctive sound that until this day remains a worth while listen. The release in its entirety is an up-tempo explosion of sound from the opener 'I Relax to Spiral Scratch' to the concluding 'Logical Mind'. Everything you hear has a raw presence and each song is given a powerful stand. 'Brainstorm' has some slightly otherworldly and electronic tones underpinning the tune. 'X-Ray Eyes' although drags on for a while, hits you with a repetitive backing beat and remains catchy. 'Trigger Finger' has a memorable and sing-a-long chorus that makes it stand out from other tunes. 'Back to Ten' stands out for its mellower presence among the rockier numbers and there are plenty more altering yet intriguing sounds present.

Vocally, musically and lyrically each aspect of the songs on 'DIY' are lingering and enjoyable. Overall this release was and still is the perfect introduction to band and is a must listen for anyone who has yet to discover the magic of The Scratch. 2010 ended with a re-issue of old material, the questions on everyone's lips now is what will the New Year hold for The Scratch?